14 Dorm Room Storage Solutions To Keep Your Room And Your Mind Organized

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Besides the shared bathroom and lack of a kitchen, a dorm room's real drawback is its size. Packing two people into a room that holds two twin XL beds, two dressers, and a sad excuse for a closet means there's hardly enough room to store your own body, let alone everything you brought with you (since you are obviously you going to haul as many items of clothing as you can fit into your parents station wagon).

There are some ways to accommodate for all your belongings, including a) just bringing less stuff or b) convincing the college you need a room twice as big. If those ideas are out of the question, you're gonna have to use the space you do have wisely. Here are some great storage pieces that make excellent use of the limited dorm space, while looking super cool in the process. Check it out.

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