14 Dorm Room Storage Solutions To Keep Your Room And Your Mind Organized

Besides the shared bathroom and lack of a kitchen, a dorm room's real drawback is its size. Packing two people into a room that holds two twin XL beds, two dressers, and a sad excuse for a closet means there's hardly enough room to store your own body, let alone everything you brought with you (since you are obviously you going to haul as many items of clothing as you can fit into your parents station wagon).

There are some ways to accommodate for all your belongings, including a) just bringing less stuff or b) convincing the college you need a room twice as big. If those ideas are out of the question, you're gonna have to use the space you do have wisely. Here are some great storage pieces that make excellent use of the limited dorm space, while looking super cool in the process. Check it out.

by Corinne Caputo

simple box with lid

These simple IKEA boxes are easy to put together, come with labels for each box, and will make you look super organized in no time.

KASSET Box with with (2-pack), $7, IKEA

drawer unit

With all the 50-page papers and endless syllabi, college can be a treehugger’s worst nightmare. Contain the beast with this (super cheap) drawer unit.

Drawer unit, $10, IKEA

closet organizers

Closet organizers are going to be your new best friend. Welcome them with open arms. P.S. I can’t recommend that shoe organizer highly enough. I still use the one I brought with me to college.

Closet organizers, $10-$25, Bed Bath and Beyond

over the door rack

Over-the-door racks are a great use of the space. What else would be hanging on that door otherwise?

Over the door rack, $15, Bed Bath and Beyond

small waste basket

This item is a no brainer, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve moved and completely forgotten to bring a trash can.

Small wastebasket, $3, Target

linen tote

These ombre totes are obviously adorable but they’ll also make a great storage basket for your packaged snacks and water bottles.

Ombre linen totes, $24, Target

underbed storage bag

You should definitely consider maximizing the use of space under your bed. With just a few bed risers, you instantly have a few extra feet of space for items like this storage bag.

Underbed Storage bag, $10, Container Store

compact fridge cart

Don’t let your fridge just hang out on the floor! Elevate it and store other food goodies in the shelves below.

Compact fridge cart, $129, Container Store

station style organizer

Keeping your bathroom stuff organized can be a nightmare, but this station organizer makes it (at least a little bit) easier.

Station style organizer, $20, Container Store

sapien bookcase

I highly recommend this book case — your textbooks will pile up in no time and it will be better to keep them off the floor.

Sapien Bookcase, $200, Container Store

chrome laundry bag stand

Laundry is annoying but must be done.This colored laundry bag is sure to keep your spirits up.

Chrome laundry bag stand, $25, Container Store

ultimate bedside storage

Besides under-the-bed storage, consider side-of-the-bed storage too. You can keep your book, book light, glasses, even slippers (as pictured) organized.

Ultimate bedside storage, $41,

over the door full length mirror

Some dorms come with mirrors but some (mine) do not. Consider making use of the back of the door with this full-length mirror — with hooks, it can double as a jewelry or purse organizer too.

Over the door full length mirror, $200,

chalk calendar wall decal

And finally, keep your mind organized with this chalk calendar. Track your exams, parties, birthdays, and Friday happy hours.

Chalk calendar wall decal, $35,