12 Bedding Sets Perfect For Your Dorm Room — and Yes, They'll Fit That XL Twin Bed

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All dorm rooms are pretty much the same. You have a desk, dresser, bed, and a bathroom if you're a Rockefeller or something. There are plenty of ways to dress it up, from DIYs to wall decor (to DIY wall decor!), but the easiest way to personalize the space is with some cool bedding.

A nice comforter can dress up your (teeny tiny) room and make it feel like (a teeny tiny) home. Most dorm beds are a twin XL (why??) so you'll want your sheets to be that size, but your comforter can be a twin XL, full, or queen size. Obviously this pizza comforter is the ultimate in dorm bedding, but I gathered a handful of other cool ones you will enjoy.

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