Lady Gaga Rants on Twitter About 'Applause' Leak

A second track has leaked from Mother Monster's upcoming album ARTPOP. It's only a small clip of the song, which is titled "Applause." The clip doesn't seem to be particularly revealing, either: It's just Gaga singing a chorus of "I live for the applause" over a sugary, dubstep-lite synth. It doesn't seem like a song that's meant to shock — if the clip is any indication, it looks like will just be another decadent pop track cashing in on the brostep trend.

But since the track wasn't set to be released until Aug. 19, Lady Gaga is pissed. So she did what most high-profile, angry celebrities do: She took to Twitter. Gaga railed against "hackers" and music bloggers, but most surprisingly, she lent support to Katy Perry. Coincidentally, Perry's "Roar" was leaked on the same day as Gaga's "Applause." But instead of trying to compete with the pop star, Gaga railed against the blogger criticism directed towards them both. The majority of the rant seems like "tortured" pop artist whining, but female positivity in pop music is definitely something we can get behind.