Katy Perry's "Roar" Single Leaks Early. Has the Pop Star Really Changed?

Last week, Katy Perry went through great lengths to show fans she has changed. The pop star released two promos for her upcoming single, "Roar," off of Oct. 22's Prism album: one showcasing Perry lighting her "California Gurls" wig on fire, and the other showing the singer attending her own funeral.

Based on the promos, there was little doubt that we were about to see a Perry that was much darker than the cotton candy teenage dream she channeled during, well, Teenage Dream.

But, with the leak of "Roar" — which hit the Web a full two days ahead of schedule — it seems Perry is still just as bubblegum as she was in 2010. The lyrics of the single, which promise that we'll hear Perry, yes, roar, are no doubt more empowered than what we heard from the whipped cream bikini-sporting Perry in 2010, but the beats of "Roar" itself still seem just as light-hearted as a Candyland dream itself.

The result is that "Roar" makes Perry sound less like a proud lion and more like an adorable tiger cub. That said, "Roar" still makes our end of summer playlists anyway — even if we're disappointed to not see more of a reinvention from the pop star, we'd chew on a bubblegum Perry any day.

Listen to the leaked "Roar" single below:

Image: Capitol Records