'Breaking Bad' Fan Recreates Theme Song Using Only Lab Instruments

With the Breaking Bad Season 5 Part 2 premiere just hours away, we've all found our own ways to prepare for the beginning of the end of the beloved AMC series starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul — we've held marathons of all five seasons, we've enjoyed the numerous parodies that have hit the Web, we've picked up fried chicken and rock candy, we've ordered Grand Slams at our local Denny's, we've written enough Jesse Pinkman-Walter White fan fiction to fill our diaries for months. (Or was that last one just us?)

But, still, Andrew Huang has all of us beat. Ahead of Sunday's highly anticipated Season 5 Part 2 premiere, the musician, who has taken on numerous song challenges to achieve Internet fame, recreated Breaking Bad's haunting theme song written by composer Dave Porter — using only instruments you could find in a high school science lab. And the result? Well, it is more awesome than the most massive of train heists. It's also science (and music), bitch! See video of Huang's performance embedded below!

If only Walter White stole all his school's lab instruments for this purpose... well, Breaking Bad would then be Blue Man Group. Bitch.


Image: AMC