Will Coach Die on 'Teen Wolf'? Orny Adams Deserves To Stay

He's taken an arrow to the stomach, lost a testicle to exposure, and dealt with Scott and Stiles for three years — but on Monday night, Teen Wolf 's Coach Finstock may actually meet his demise. If you remember, last week Coach was feeling a little under the weather, and if the sneak peek of the newest episode, "Weaponized," is to be believed, Coach may be at the center of some sort of disease outbreak in the school this Monday — just what Beacon Hills High School needed! And while my heart is always with Scott n' the Gang first and foremost, I feel fairly confident that none of them will be taken out by a mystery rash. But Coach is looking, uh, pretty limp in that sneak peek, and I wouldn't put it past Teen Wolf to off a fan favorite side character mid-season just to remind us that they can.

While we may not get a lot of time with Coach from week-to-week, actor/stand-up comedian Orny Adams uses his screen time masterfully to scream at kids and... well, it's mostly screaming at kids, but there's also some occasional threatening with lacrosse sticks and education. If we lose Coach tonight, we're losing the second funniest character on the show, and as Stiles was recently possessed by an evil trickster spirit (and Dylan O'Brien is probably about to become a movie star), that might be a heavy load to bear all on his own.

Let's take a look at why Teen Wolf still needs Orny Adams and his deranged portrayal of Coach Finstock.

He Kills Twitter and Instagram

If you're going to follow any live-tweeting of Teen Wolf, may I humbly recommend any cast member over the age of 30? Linden Ashby (Sheriff Stilinski) and Melissa Ponzio (Melissa McCall) are particularly entertaining, especially when Ashby continued to tweet the wrong Dylan Sprayberry account for about four weeks straight. (Dads!) But Adams is also always up for a good time on Twitter, interacting with the fans and acting as the number one ambassador for his own character. He's also most likely to give hint, wrapped in a joke, wrapped in sarcasm.

His Instagram is also not to be missed if you're a fan of behind the scenes craft services and eyeball licking... and toe licking.

He Also Kills the Stand-Up Scene

Adams has been making a name for himself on the stand-up circuit for more than a decade, and hasn't let a role on a hit teen show slow him down a bit. In fact, he embraces the crossover of his two words wholeheartedly. In 2010 he released a Comedy Central special, Takes The Third, and has been touring non-stop ever since. In July, he even took part in the world-famous comedy festival, Just for Laughs, and earned a shoutout from British GQ as one of the best stand ups of the televised Chevy Chase-hosted Gala. You get 'em, Coach!

Orny Adams on YouTube

Cross Your Fingers He Doesn't Get Killed

Coach just wouldn't be Coach without Orny Adams, and Teen Wolf just wouldn't be Teen Wolf without Coach. Please don't leave us in the dark, cold world of teen assassins, mystery diseases, and Greenberg.

Orny Adams on YouTube

Images: Orny Adams/Instagram (2); rebloggy