R. Patz Says Working for Dior is "Ridiculous"

As a fashion-lover, I would just about die of happiness if Dior called and offered me a position as brand ambassador. I have to wear Dior in public all the time and star in ads while also wearing Dior? Ummm... sold. That sounds amazing. But professional sourpuss Robert Pattinson has a different word for it. The Twilight star told the Daily Telegraph that working for Dior is "ridiculous." Harsh, R. Pattz. Real harsh.

The actor formerly known as Edward Cullen openly admits that he doesn't have a fashionable bone in his (admittedly handsome) body, despite his role as the face of Dior Homme. “I’ve started wearing the same thing pretty much every day like a uniform,” he told the Telegraph. “I haven’t taken this jacket off for weeks." Then he elaborated about his position with Dior:

Working for Dior, he says with a chuckle, is “the most ridiculous job in the world. I have to do barely anything and I just occasionally have to go to some Dior parties, which is great.”

This is the man who starred as a vampire that sparkles in the sunlight, and yet Dior spokesman is the most ridiculous job he's ever had? To be fair, Pattinson later shared in the interview that "ridiculous" is his favorite word, so maybe this isn't a shady comment after all. However, there have been plenty of times R. Pattz has been down on the industry that made him famous (and fame itself...). Let's round them up, shall we?

1. When he was SO OVER fame

Brendon Thorne/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Earlier this year an anonymous source, supposedly a friend of Pattinson's, told RadarOnline that Rob "doesn’t want to be famous anymore" and eventually wants to try directing movies instead of acting in them. As long as he doesn't go the Shia route...

2. When he asked Twilight to return his dignity

3. ... and questioned the plot

Your words, my thoughts, Robert Pattinson.

4. When he threw shade at One Direction

Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In a 2012 interview, Pattinson was asked who his favorite boy band was. His answer? “Westlife, definitely. Westlife are one of my favorite bands. I actually don’t know any songs that One Direction have done. I’ve just seen pictures of them all the time.” Is Robert Pattinson secretly my spirit animal?

5. When he couldn't hide his glee that Twlight was ending

You know, his honesty is actually quite refreshing. I still can't quite forgive him for hating on Dior, though. TOO FAR, am I right?

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