Lorde's 'Mockingjay' Soundtrack Will Have Bands You Forgot About, So Pray for an Ace of Base Cameo

So, as you probably already know, Lorde is curating the Mockingjay soundtrack, which means that it will be composed of some pretty awesome melancholic and empowering anthems to match both the movie and the singer's respective tones. However, don't expect a bunch of new bands you've never heard of — you won't have to feel inferior to Lorde's super-hip choices, because the singer said to Billboard that the Mockingjay soundtrack will feature music from old bands that you may have forgotten about, but that are still really, really good. Hell, yes! Not gonna lie — I love that Lorde loves nostalgia, too. She said:

If this means a Lorde-curated episode of I Love The '90s and 2000s or a Lorde and Katniss And The One Hit Wonders, then I am so in. I already was so in, but this just made me want to pull out my Discman and have a one-woman karaoke session consisting of the entire album Jagged Little Pill. If Lorde is bringing back some oldies but goodies that we haven't heard in forever, and assuming that "forever" means still in our lifetime since Lorde is a teenager, not a 47-year-old woman, then these might be some viable, and pretty cool, options. Be still, my beating VH1 obsessed heart from 1999 to 2006!


DarthMnich47 on YouTube

Remember that haunting sample on "Stan" by Eminem? And more importantly, do you remember how she sang the theme to Roswell, the show that no one watched but featured a young Katherine Heigl plus aliens? Her brooding vocals seem perfect for Mockingjay. Anyone ready for a Bring Back Dido movement?

The Verve

TheVerveVEVO on YouTube

Not be confused with The Verve Pipe (see below), but a redux of "Bittersweet Symphony" as Katniss kicks ass would be pretty awesome. Those strings!

The Verve Pipe

VervePipeVEVO on YouTube

Because, after all, we were merely freshmen. If these guys could write that tragic but anthemic song, then you know that they could write something pretty sweet and sad for the Mockingjay soundtrack.

The Cardigans


This Swedish band's crazy catchy "Lovefool" featured front-woman Nina Persson's haunting voice that transcended the upbeat song about unrequited love. A more melancholy comeback from them could serve the soundtrack quite well. You can listen to "My Favorite Game" above.

Fiona Apple

Pitchfork on YouTube

Or as I like to call her, the GODDESS OF VERBOSE MELANCHOLY. Yes, Apple has released new music and was on tour last year, but any return from Apple is always welcome. Plus, she was brooding before there was brooding, or since Tidal was released in 1996. Plus, she frequently experiments with musicality, which could make her a welcome addition to the soundtrack.

Deathcab For Cutie

Death Cab for Cutie on YouTube

These guys have been making music since you — er, I — listened to them on auto-replay in high school, but it feels like we haven't heard from them in a long time. A new song for the Mockingjay soundtrack would be pretty sweet. You can listen to "Soul Mets Body" above, and relive all of your brooding teen adult years in under four minutes.

Ace of Base

Mega Records on YouTube

Okay, maybe this doesn't fit with Mockingjay's mood quite so well, but I'm just gunning for an Ace of Base return. Because I saw the sign. It opened up my eyes, I saw the sign. No one's gonna wind you up to get into the life that you belong... so where do you belong?

Perhaps those clairvoyant and ominous lyrics could be sung by Lorde? Or maybe a piano ballad of "The Sign" would work. I'd buy that track... multiple times.

Whatever Lorde has up her curating sleeve, it's sure to be pretty freakin' great... but seriously. A Lorde cover of "The Sign" would be awesome.