17 'Fault in Our Stars' Fan-Made Novelties For Every Augustus Waters Superfan

There's no denying it: While The Fault in Our Stars has been out in theatres for months, but there's something timeless about the John Green novel-turned-film. From it's stellar cast to its faithfully adapted plot, people are drawn to the gut-wrenching story for more than one reason. Whether you're an adamant John Green reader or simply love the on-screen version best, here are 17 pieces of fan made merchandise you need to buy — or at least admire. OK? OK.

The Iphone Case

Carry your infinities with you with this trendy wooden iPhone case.

You can buy it here.

Hazel Lancaster's Pipe T-Shirt

The T-shirt that was featured in both the book and the film is now yours to wear! And the best part? Only those who paid close attention to the film or read the book will be in on the joke.

You can buy it here.

Infinities Necklace

“Some infinities are bigger than other infinities,” John Green writes. This fan-favorite quote is immortalized in a gorgeous necklace featuring two different sized infinity symbols interlocking.

You can buy it here.

Stars Bracelet

Like a removable quote tattoo, this bracelet features the line in Green’s book that reads, ”My dreams are stars that I can’t fathom into constellations.” Complete with tiny star details, this bracelet would make any FIOS fan swoon.

You can buy it here.

Tissue Box Cover

What is more appropriate than a FIOS inspired tissue box cover? Really, it is the perfect addition to your movie watching experience, because as we have already detailed, you’ll be sobbing your way through the entire film.

Ansel Elgort Face Earrings

A little weird, a little awesome, and a whole lot hilarious — keep Ansel Elgort next to your ears and perhaps he’ll whisper sweet nothings. You can also wear Nat Wolff’s face.

You can buy them here.


If you like wearing your passions on your feet and you’re a woman who wears size 9 shoes, buy these. Okay? Okay.

You can buy them here.

Trucker Hat

….Because if trucker hats ever come back in style, you’re gonna want this.

You can buy it here.

Knitted Gloves

To keep those page-turning hands toasty, invest in some literary, fingerless mittens!

You can buy them here.

Charm Bracelet

This delicate bracelet comes with charms inspired from the movie: A wish, a glass of champagne, a house, an airplane and more.

You can buy it here.

Cupcake toppers

The other thing that goes great with sad movies? Sweets. Chocolate. Cupcakes.

You can buy the FIOS cupcake toppers here.

Friendship Bracelets

You love The Fault in Our Stars, too?! Will you be my best friend? Show your likeness with these matching necklaces.

You can buy them here.

Hair bow

Because cheerleaders need FIOS accessories, too!

You can buy it here.

Nail Decals

The ultimate way to step up your nail art game — There’s even a tiny photo of Hazel & Gus!

You can buy them here.

Cutting Board

A bit more of a non sequitur, this FIOS cutting board has the names of two random individuals carved into it. If you can over look that fact, and if you like to be inspired while chopping onions, here’s something else to cry about.

You can buy it here.

Circle Skirt

Comic-Con 2014 might be over, but there’s no reason you can’t rock this cosplay circle skirt outside the walls of Hall H.

You can buy it here.

Augustus Silhouette

Especially great for the Jane Austen/John Green crossover fan, this bust has the air of a certain Mr. Darcy.

You can buy it here.