Lindsay Lohan's Instagram Account Proves She's in a Good Place — PHOTOS

Sweet teeny-tiny baby Jesus! Lindsay Lohan looks smokin' in her new bikini photo. Lohan is on vacation in Ibiza right now, which is where approximately three-fourths of Hollywood appears to currently be (including Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber), and whilst back at her hotel room, the actress decided to take a few minutes to relax and have a selfie photoshoot. (What, you'd do something different?) The result? Hotness. Lohan looks incredible in her super-cute, multi-colored bikini; and most importantly, she looks healthy.

Actually, speaking of Lindsay's well-being, all of her recent Instagram photos give the impression that she genuinely is in a good place right now. Sure, Lohan's posted a few shots of herself with a cig dangling betwixt her fingies, but let's give the girl a break, everyone. If cigarettes are the worst we see from Lindsay, we're all good. Especially Lindsay.

So, let's take a moment, shall we, to go through a few of Lindsay's latest 'grams and marvel at how great she seems to be doing. From beautiful bikini photos to even more beautiful pics of sunsets and pithy quotes, it finally looks like everything is coming up Lindsay. And it's just delightful.

The Bikini Shot

Looking gorg or looking gorg?

Sunsets and Yoga... or Something

Not sure who this person is or what they're doing, but I like that Lindsay is hanging out with them.

The I'm-Smoking-a-Cig-But-Otherwise-Look-Great Pic

Ah, what's a little cancer stick when you're Lindsay Lohan and are looking this fresh?

The Words o' Wisdom

Noted, Lindsay. Noted.

Images via Lindsay Lohan/Instagram