Taylor Kitsch Negotiates Lead in 'The Raid' Reboot in Today's 'Friday Night Lights' News

Today in post-Friday Night Lights careers we have Tim Riggins moving ever-further away from us — and Taylor Kitsch continuing his attempts to move on from the box office catastrophe that was John Carter. Between The Normal Heart, True Detective, and The Raid , Kitsch may be moving into a whole new era of his career. The actor has been rumored for True Detective 's second season for a while now, but before we find out whether or not that'll pan out it's been announced that Kitsch has been offered the lead role in The Raid.

The Raid is an action flick, but hopefully it'll fare better than Kitsch's than his previous gigs in John Carter and Battleship. Kitsch seems to be on a roll with The Normal Heart and, hopefully soon, with True Detective. Vulture's Margaret Lyons pondered today "how long [do] TV stars have to wait before they have another hit show?" Kitsch, for his part, still finds his name interchangable with Tim Riggins — and actual hit movie coupled with an Emmy-nominated HBO movie and a potential leading role in an HBO hit series could just be just what this former Dillon Panther ordered.

Image: Tumblr