Who Is 'Teen Wolf' Killer Simon? For Starters, He's Not the Benefactor

So apparently Teen Wolf isn't done throwing crazy psychos at us anytime soon, as we were introduced to yet another possible assassin with a weapon way worse than any thermal garrote wires or lacrosse sticks-turned-wolfsbane-infected swords. Teen Wolf introduced a new disease that targets supernatural creatures, which was released by a creepy assassin named Simon, and it almost killed three of our favorite members of the Beacon Hills Wolf Pack.

Here's what we know. Creepy disease man — whom you may recognize as Dwight's best friend Rolf from The Office —is named Simon and he seems to work at a lab that specializes in weaponizing diseases. The first time we see him is in his lab, ignoring a dying werewolf, and drinking tea that will inoculate him from the virus he later releases at the high school. Simon then shows up at Beacon Hills High as the PSAT exam proctor where Malia, Scott, Stiles, and Kira are taking the exam. When the disease is discovered and the students are waiting for the CDC to arrive, Simon proceeds to scare Stiles by telling him his phone won't work and that the mystery disease — later revealed to be Canine Distemper — is not Smallpox.

Later on, Stiles realizes that Simon is the one who released the virus and before he can reveal this information, Simon discovers him and almost kills him when Stiles won't tell him where the wolf pack are hiding in the school. At that moment, I was just about ready to start a riot at the MTV offices if Stiles died. But thankfully, my rioting was not necessary as before Simon could pull the trigger at Stiles, he was shot in the head by Agent McCall, Scott's dad. I never thought I would be so happy to see him in my whole life.

So while we can probably safely assume Simon was one of the many assassins looking to get some money by killing supernatural creatures from the dead pool created by The Benefactor, we still know very little about the guy. Where he came from, why he was recruited for this murder-y task and why he would agree to want to kill so many people. Perhaps once we learn who The Benefactor is, we'll learn more about his minions. Come on, Teen Wolf writers, I'm getting impatient over here.

Image: MTV; makos-lighningrod/Tumblr; sterekandstelena/Tumblr