Will 'Teen Wolf's Scott Die For Real? The "Time of Death" Promo Sure Makes It Seem Possible

Four seasons and a ton of characters later, it can be easy to forget that Scott McCall is the "teen wolf" of MTV's Teen Wolf, the series' key character since it's very beginning. However despite that importance, Scott's time could be running out according to the promo for Season 4's newest episode "Time of Death." During Monday night's episode "Weaponized," we saw Scott, Kira, and Malia on the verge of death when a weaponized virus — Canine Distemper as we later found out — was released by yet another psycho assassin under the thumb of The Benefactor. While all three members of the Beacon Hills wolf pack made it out alive, it looks like Mr. Alpha himself, Scott, will be facing death one more time.

So what exactly can we glean from the promos introduced on Teen Wolf's after show Wolf Watch? In the first video, which was a bonus scene from "Time of Death," the unlikely duo of Stiles and Chris Argent send The Benefactor, or possibly a different mysterious person, a chat saying Scott has been killed and that they were ready for their payment. When the response they get is just "Visual confirmation is required," Chris Argent gets a little snippy and answers with a very scary threat. Obviously at this point Scott has not been killed — Stiles would be devastated — but it seems like the duo has an interesting plan. Whether or not this plan will work is questionable.

The main preview for "Time of Death" shows many characters talking about this plan that will bring them closer to finding out the identity of The Benefactor, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of people on board. The main doubters seem to be Liam and Kira's mother. As the preview continues we see both Kira's mother and Scott in danger of dying. And at the end of the preview, the possibility of the true alpha's death seems all but confirmed.


So what the hell will happen to the leader of our Beacon Hills wolf pack? It seems unlikely that the Teen Wolf writers will want to kill off Scott so could Scott's "death" all be part of Stiles and Chris' plan? Perhaps this is visual confirmation The Benefactor was hoping to see, and maybe by pretending Scott is dead, the wolf pack can get closer and closer to finding out who The Benefactor is and how to kill him.

But my biggest worry from the episode is the possible resurrection of The Mute. If you remember, The Mute was responsible for killing Sean the Wendigo and tried to kill Peter and Derek Hale. It seemed as though Peter had killed The Mute the last time we saw him, but somehow here he is again!

So will Scott die? It wouldn't be the best idea in the world and seemed completely unlikely until the "Time of Death" promo. Dylan O'Brien did tease the death of a major character recently, could it be everyone's favorite True Alpha? Guess we have to wait for an excruciating week to find out. Excuse me while I go cry in the corner.

Image: MTV