"Anaconda" Singer Nicki Minaj Is Fueding With Lil Kim & 6 More Celebs She's Had Beef With

By Kaitlin Reilly
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Nicki Minaj may have plenty of celebrity friends, but for every famous pal, it seems Minaj has feuded with one more. Her most recent battle with a fellow celebrity was over a verse in her Beyoncé collaboration "Flawless," which pissed off her longtime rival Lil' Kim. Lil' Kim took Minaj's declaration that she was the queen of rap as a direct insult, because Lil' Kim considers herself the self-appointed "Queen B." Lil Kim fired back her own verse of "Flawless" that disses Minaj and Beyoncé as payback ... this feud has officially commenced.

This incident with Lil' Kim isn't the first time Minaj made another celebrity mad. Even when Minaj isn't fueling the feud (let's be honest, that whole "Flawless" verse probably had absolutely nothing to do with Lil' Kim) the "Super Bass" singer seems to be a magnet for conflict. Check out Minaj's most famous celebrity feuds — she sure has a lot of them.

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