Kristin Chenoweth Reveals Mystery Medical Issue & Asks For Prayers

This former Broadway star is dealing with a health crisis. Kristin Chenoweth took to Twitter Tuesday to inform fans about a still undisclosed medical issue. According to Chenoweth's first tweet on the subject, the Glee actress had "numbing and tingling" in her arm and was "unable to move." Later, Chenoweth posted that she is waiting on the results of her MRI, and asked fans to send their prayers. These tweets followed a message the actress posted on Sunday, which was a photo of the quote "Dear God, I am trusting you. I know you heard my prayer. Your time, not mine."

Chenoweth is clearly dealing with some sort of medical concern, though at this time, it is unclear exactly what the actress is battling. This isn't the first time that Chenoweth has discussed a health issue, either. In March, Chenoweth opened up to E! News about her 10 year battle with adult asthma, something that she didn't like to discuss because she felt that her fans were already aware of some of her other health issues, like her inner ear and neck problems. Now, Chenoweth works with the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. It's possible that Chenoweth's current medical issue is related to one of her other health problems, though from the way that she's choosing to disclose the information, it appears that this may be a new matter that has not been diagnosed yet.

Hopefully Chenoweth will get healthy soon.