"#Selfie" Hitmakers The Chainsmokers' New Song "Kanye" Is Actually Kind of Sweet — LISTEN

Mireya Acierto/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After providing the most precise instructions on how to pose for a photo in a club bathroom mirror with their hit song "#SELFIE," DJ duo The Chainsmokers have released a new song that suggests a running theme in their music. Not only are they inspired to make songs about self-absorbed behavior, but they're also quite intrigued by people who are really into themselves. This has to be the truth, because why else would The Chainsmokers write a song with lyrics about Kanye West?

The song is titled "Kanye" (because what else would they call it?), and it's basically a modernized version of "(I Wanna Be) Like Mike," that '90s ode to Michael Jordan that aired on an old Gatorade commercial. Unlike "#SELFIE," this song isn't done in a sarcastic manner and it really puts a positive spin on West's personality. It basically embodies what West publicly pleads for: recognition and appreciation that he is, in fact, an awesome human being and on a level of greatness that should motivate and inspire us all. Even though that's completely egotistical, the song itself really isn't. This next statement might provoke raucous laughter, but dare I say ... it's actually kind of sweet? Kind of?

For example, the song features self-assuring lyrics like, "I have never wished on hope, didn't need a telescope to see where I am going." Cocky yes, but maybe it's the melody or the fact that the singer Siren's voice is so light and non-threatening that it makes these lyrics sound far less abrasive than when West brags about how great he is.

I wonder what Yeezy will think of this song. He's probably somewhere asking why the hell it took so long for someone to publicly acknowledge his genius and immortalize it in a song. He's likely wondering why they didn't just write an entire album about him. Either way, let's just hope he appreciates this single as a nice gesture and doesn't ruin it with a rant-filled remix.

Check out "Kanye" below: