The 'Finding Carter' Crash & Carter Romance Must End Before It Really Begins

Okay, so I'll level with Finding Carter 's Carter here. Even though she is really so unlikable at times, I can understand why she chooses Crash in the upcoming episode "The Fugitive." Crash is absolutely one of the best looking guys in her town, as far as we've seen, with his shaggy blond hair and blue eyes. He's even more appealing when compared to Carter's other prospects. There's Gabe, who is creepily obsessed with her; Max, who she's already dated and seems to have moved on to Taylor; Ofie, who is just sort of there; and that's about it. The reality of the situation is Carter and Crash are the two most likely candidates to be together on the MTV series. But, I know I'm not the only one who thinks they're not actually a good match.

Crash is your typical bad boy. We recognized that fact from the minute we're introduced to him at the police station, but the question is just how bad is he? He has stolen cars, dealt drugs, been arrested multiple times, and tried to teach Carter's younger brother how to roll a joint. Is he really just a sensitive misunderstood guy who is lashing out in all the wrong ways for attention? Does he just need one person to understand him and support him? I'm leaning towards the former. I don't trust Crash and I bet a lot of Finding Carter fans don't either. Here's why the two shouldn't end up together.


Now everybody has a past, but Crash's past is spilling over into his present, and Carter's. He hasn't showed any signs of changing, or really having a deep desire to change, which leads me to think that he may just be all around bad news. Carter is sort of a lightning rod for trouble, so it'd be best for her to stay away from dangerous situations that Crash could lead her to be a part of.


Like I said, we all can admit that Crash is good looking. Just one look is all it takes to melt her. He seems like the sort of person who could be really manipulative if he wanted to be. I have a bad feeling that he could coerce her into doing some things she didn't want to do.


Bird is very fragile right now with all that's going on in her life and she needs Carter's support. The issue here is that Crash has now slept with Bird, who seems to like him, and sleeping with Carter could affect their friendship, a concern fans have shared on the Finding Carter Confessions Tumblr.

There's already a bit of a rift growing between Carter and Bird, so to add Crash into the mix isn't the most helpful. This is definitely going to add fuel to the fire.


A lot of Finding Carter fans are bringing up the fact that Crash seems like a bit of a player. We definitely shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but I can't help but feel the same way. Also, some people are speculating that Crash may have some ulterior motives, or possibly be connected to another storyline.

Then there's one important question that still needs to be answered: Who attacked Bird?

Some Finding Carter fans seem to believe that Crash raped Bird, and is the person behind the mask in her drawings. Though there is no concrete evidence to support this theory, with so little known about Bird's trauma, it is possible.

Those who say it can't be Crash because Bird would be scared around him all of the time ignore the fact that the attacker was wearing a mask at the time. There's a possibility that Crash was the one who committed this heinous crime.

It's not yet clear whether Crash was involved in anything else that is going on, but I wouldn't be surprised if he was. It just seems like he's at the center of every controversy. I wish Carter would stay away from Crash, but it looks like the two are only getting closer.

Images: MTV; finding-carter, aboutfindingcarter, findingcarterconfessions/Tumblr