12 Frankie & Ariana Grande Photos That Should Have Been in His 'Big Brother' HoH Room

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When a new Head of Household is crowned each week on Big Brother — or in this season's case two Heads of Household — they receive a basket and letter from their loved ones at home. They also find the new HoH room decorated in photos of them and their loved ones. Usually they are recent photos, but not for Frankie Grande. When Frankie, who is hiding the fact that his sister is Ariana Grande, was HoH, we saw photos of him and Ariana from when they were kids, allowing Frankie's famous connection to remain a secret.

But what are the photos Frankie should have had in his HoH room? Outside of the Big Brother house, Frankie and his sister are extremely close; he is her number one fan. The other houseguests know Frankie has a sister named Ari, and that she is in music, but they haven't put together the two to come up with Ariana Grande. If current photos of the siblings had been put in the HoH room, his identity would have been blown immediately. If Frankie wins again, it will be interesting to see if they will continue to give him baby Ariana Grande photos, and more importantly, if the houseguests would catch on to that. But just because the houseguests can't see pictures of Ariana and Frankie doesn't mean we, as fans of the show and the Grandes, can't indulge in a little Frankie/Ariana photo session. Here are the photos that should have been put in Frankie's HoH room.

Image: FrankieJGrande/Instagram

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