Robin Thicke Called “Desperate” by Jason Derulo & I’m Actually Starting to Feel Bad for Him

Robin Thicke, man. The guy can't catch a break these days. Last year, he was on top of the world with the gorgeous Paula Patton as his wife, and his ubiquitous song, "Blurred Lines;" and now... well, he's still singing "Blurred Lines," but has a failed marriage (and failed new album) to boot. What happened? Oh yeah, he supposedly cheated on said gorgeous wife and everything blew up in his face.

Since the scandal came to light (and since Patton separated from him), Thicke has been trying his damndest to (thus far, futilely) get his woman back. Not only has he professed his love for Paula numerous times on stage, he even went as far as to name his latest album, "Paula," in an attempt to win her over. And while there's a small part of it that's sweet and makes you feel bad for the guy (despite the fact that he was in the wrong), it's getting a little desperate, if you ask singer Jason Derulo.

When asked what he thought of Thicke's public campaign to win Paula back during an interview with E!, Derulo said, "I think when somebody's desperate, they're desperate."

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Derulo's words may sound harsh at first glance, but the singer actually does have sympathy for Thicke, adding:

I can't knock him for trying. He's trying everything to get his girl back, so I can't knock him for that…I talked to him personally, and we're not necessarily like the best of friends or anything, but you know, he mentioned something about that. So you can tell when somebody is in dire need of having that special person back. And I think that's all it is.

True, true. But there's also something to be said about when to give up. And right now, it looks like it might be time for Thicke to give up — or at least be a little more private about things. Because yeah, at this point, it doesn't really seem like Paula is responding to what he's doing.

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