Selena Gomez's Wild Dancing to "Blurred Lines" Shows How Done With Bieber She Really Is — VIDEO

I'm just going to cut to the chase here: Selena Gomez couldn't possibly be more over Justin Bieber. Either that, or she's one hell of an actress, which, at the risk of sounding snarky, prolly isn't the case, being that her latest movie got a zero on Rotten Tomatoes — yes a zero. Anyway! While Bieber has been busy fighting with Orlando Bloom and generally being a hot mess in Ibiza as of late, Gomez has been frolicking around Saint Tropez with her hot new dude, Tommy Chiabra. Kids these days, I tell ya. When I was their age, I was roller-blading around my neighborhood and playing ding-dong ditch. Times, they have a changed. But I'm digressing.

In addition to doing fun things like riding around on jet skis in the Mediterranean and hanging out on yachts with Cara Delevingne, Selena also was recently spotted dancing her face off — on stage — at a Robin Thicke show.

Wanna see Gomez letting her gorgeous hair down and having fun whilst cuttin' a rug to "Blurred Lines?" Of course you do! And I know, how people can still stomach this song is beyond me, as well.

Justin who? Judging by the past few weeks of Selena's life, Gomez is loving having nothing to do with Justin — which is exactly how it should be, because let's not sugar-coat anything here, that guy truly is the worst. Hope you're having fun, Selena! Also, can I come on your next trip?