When Is Alicia Keys Due? It Won’t Be Long Until Baby Number 2 Joins Big Brother Egypt

In late July, seemingly out of nowhere, Alicia Keys announced she is expecting her second child with music producer husband Swizz Beatz. In a message she posted on Instagram (the new celebrity-announcement medium of choice — sorry, Twitter), Keys wrote, "Happy Anniversary to the love of my life @therealswizzz !! And to make it even sweeter we've been blessed with another angel on the way!! You make me happier than I have ever known! Here's to many many more years of the best parts of life!" It was sweet and all, but to get to the real question: when is bundle of joy number two due?

Judging by the photo that accompanied the post, pretty soon. Keys is sporting a rather impressive baby bump. Reports of her pregnancy first appeared in May, when an insider revealed she had abstained from drinking at the Met Gala. That would make her at least three months pregnant now, but the photo makes her look closer to six months. Perhaps she's expecting a Thanksgiving baby?

Keys' exclamation-mark-heavy announcement is certainly a far cry from Zoe Saldana and Eva Mendes' —who both were also recently reported to be pregnant — completely understandable route of basically telling the media to shove it when it comes to the p-word. A pregnancy is obviously a very private, family matter and Saldana and Mendes are perfectly entitled to keep it that way for as long as they'd like, but it's hard not to straight up squeal at how freaking adorable Keys' announcement is. First, you have Keys' decision to announce her pregnancy on her anniversary, and then the photo itself is perfect. Just look at that smile!

We don't have to speculate too much about what Keys and Beatz's offspring might look like, thanks to their son, Egypt. Keys and Beatz apparently have perfect genes because they've already produced the most adorable tiny human being ever.

As much as I would like to know Keys' due date (and the baby's sex as long as she's taking requests) I have an even more pressing question to ask the "Girl on Fire" singer: where does she shop for Egypt's outfits? I may not have a child of my own yet, but my cat-baby could certainly use a snazzy new wardrobe.

Could he be any cooler than he is in this little military jacket? Heart-melt alert: don't read the caption unless you don't mind the organ responsible for pumping blood throughout your body being reduced to a big ol' squishy puddle.

Could... could that possibly be a... cupcake hat on Egypt's head? It has to be, right? There's a little cherry and everything! Who comes up with these things!?

One thing's for sure, no matter when Baby Keys-Beatz no. 2 arrives, he or she is going to be one very sharped dressed infant. Congrats to the happy couple!

Images: Alicia Keys/Instagram