James Corden as 'The Late Late Show' Host Would Be Kind of a Bummer

I have absolutely nothing against James Corden. In fact, I'm actually a big fan of the British actor who is reportedly going to replace Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show . I thought Corden was the perfect dose of funny in the Keira Knightly and Mark Ruffalo film Begin Again and a delightfully lovable roommate on Doctor Who, and I can't wait to watch him as The Baker in Into the Woods ; however, I can't help but admit that there's a big part of me that's not happy with the potential hosting choice. Why? Well, because Corden isn't a woman. (Sorry, Corden — it's not you; it's me.)

When I first heard the news, I couldn't help but think to myself, "Oh... okay." I immediately realized that I was underwhelmed and kind of deflated, and that the reason why was that I truly thought that CBS was going to get a woman to host its late, late night show. Maybe it was all of those Chelsea Handler rumors flying around or just the mere idea that Maya Rudolph could host a late night show — even though I'm totally content with her variety show — but I honestly believed in my heart of hearts that a woman was going to join the Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, and Jimmy Kimmel line-up. A line-up that I think is completely engaging, and that would have only been improved by a leading lady and a blouse or two.


Again, it's not that Corden would be a bad host, it's just that it's about time that a woman's face, voice, and opinions are broadcast to the late-night watching masses via CBS, NBC, ABC, or Fox, especially since one of the only women hosting a late night show, Handler, is leaving her show on E!. Sure, late night TV isn't entirely filled with white males anymore thanks to Comedy Central's decision to fill the Colbert Report's empty slot with The Minority Report With Larry Wilmore, but we can do better. And most importantly, we can do better, faster.

What's really disappointing is that it's not like CBS didn't have potential female hosts to choose from. I'm sure that if the network tried hard enough, they could have gotten a smart, entertaining woman to host The Late Late Show. Yeah, maybe the likes of Handler, Rudolf, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Ellen DeGeneres, or the hysterical Catherine Tate were all busy with other things in their lives and didn't want to commit, but fortunately for the world, those aren't the only women who could host a talk show. What it boils down to is the fact that there is most definitely a woman in this world that could host the show just as well as Corden potentially will, but CBS decided to go with another white male, anyway. Like Handler said at the 2014 Gloria Awards and Gala, "...there's room for all of us [men and women], if you just slide over a little and don't hog all the spotlight."

For now, it's easy enough to accept that Corden is the host and say, "Maybe we'll get 'em next time," but you know what? I'm kind of tired of waiting for "next time."