James Corden Will Replace Craig Ferguson As Host of 'The Late Late Show' — REPORT

Late night television is about to get a whole new personality added to it, as The Wrap reports that James Corden will replace Craig Ferguson as the host of The Late Late Show . Does that sound like a wild card? It should — Corden's name didn't appear on many "potential late night television host" lists back when David Letterman announced that he would depart The Late Show . It was generally assumed by many that folks on that list were also viable candidates for Ferguson's slot when he eventually departed.

Still, Corden, who you might have seen in Begin Again , should be a pretty solid choice — and besides, late night television is a pretty great place to make a name for yourself. However, we'll have to see how he fares when he starts his gig.

As for Ferguson, The Wrap says he is considering venturing into carpentry after he sails his metaphorical ship away from late night television. Is that a joke? Possibly, but it's awesome to imagine, nevertheless.

But even though Ferguson's humor will be missed (the carpentry community is lucky to have him, if that ends up being the case), one thing is certain for the rest of us: with Stephen Colbert stepping into Letterman's seat on The Late Show and Corden taking over the 12:35 slot, late night programming on CBS is going to be looking a hell of a lot different — but it's a pretty good new look for the network.