Anthony Weiner Unveils First Campaign Ad, Says 'Powerful Voices' Don't Want Him To Win


Guess this is the underdog approach.

New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner released a new campaign ad Monday. The ad is his first — apart from a minute long direct-to-camera video that elusively responded to news of his continued sexting. (You know, the one where he says, "Quit isn't the way we roll in New York," discounting the fact that the vast majority of New Yorkers have not experienced a cybersex scandal or five.)

The ad is a quick 30-second spot, reminding voters of Weiner's commitment to helping the middle class. It also vaguely references the "powerful voices" who don't want the candidate to win. Here's the full transcript.

And here's the ad.

Newsflash, Weiner: It's not just powerful voices who want you to drop out. It's over half of your city.