9 Reasons Why Being a Redhead Rocks

by Erika Owen

When I was younger, there was nothing more I wanted than to dye my hair some ambiguous shade of brown to fit in with the majority of the world. You can classify that under typical pre-teen angst, but let it be known that if I could time travel back a decade and give myself a good shake, I'd do it. Not only does being a redhead make you part of an elite club of autumn-tressed bombshells — it's become semi-public knowledge that only 2% of the world's population are born true redheads — but there are a lot of things we can pull of that ladies of other hair hues can't.

There are those out there who try to imitate our good fortune — best of luck, red is the toughest color to maintain — but the reality of it is that redheads come in all shades and intensities. I personally was blessed with golden, auburn tresses that go great with my mostly-black wardrobe. From rusty reds to orange-tinged manes, don't tell us gingers what we can't do (wear red lipstick, don a crimson dress, take a trip to the beach without burning to a crisp). There's a shade of red lipstick out there for all redheads, and beach hats are so in right now. So read on redheads, and count your blessings that you were bestowed with the best hair color of them all.

1. Red Hair + Blue Eyes = Rarest Combination Ever

It's true. The genes for red hair and blue eyes are both recessive, meaning there's a less than 1 percent chance that you'll end up with both. Really, these rare features give us all the more reason to worship Mad Men bombshell Christina Hendricks.

2. We Have the Thickest Hair

In reality, we actually have fewer strands of hair, but the ones we do rock are thicker —meaning it's easier for us to style edgy 'dos. It also means that we've got enough volume to keep us looking salon-fresh through the end of the day.

3. We Rock That Mid-Winter Pale Better Than Anyone

When the rest of you are off worrying about which winter outfit hides your "sickly skin" best, we're basking in the admiration we seem to bring in by the boatload for our porcelain skin. And, if I do say so myself, our locks pop better than any other color against the icy wintertime tundra.

4. And We Don't Even Need the Sun for Vitamin D

Well, we do — just not as much of it. Our bodies are better equipped for making our own Vitamin D, thanks to our lower levels of melatonin. When we're faced with prolonged low-light situations, we take matters into our own hands.

5. We Can Pull Off Floppy Beach Hats

Because the rest of you loungers are too busy tanning yourselves. Beach hats can be tough to pull off, but with our thick hair and sensitive skin, it's a win-win situation. But even when we do manage to get a bit of sun, the result is still stunning because...

6. Freckles Are Beautiful

What were once seen as facial imperfections to be hidden under layers of concealer have become beauty marks worth flaunting (it's about time). But remember, ladies: While catching some rays is important — despite our superhuman ability to create our own Vitamin D — do take care of your skin.

7. We Don't Go Grey

Mark Davis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Don't think that all the fun of being a redhead has played out once your radiant color starts to fade. Redheads don't necessarily mature with the same colors as other hair types. Instead of transitioning to grey, our hair turns white — you know, that color you've always wanted to experiment with but never had the courage. All the better for rocking the fashions we were also too timid to try out in younger years. Take actress Jane Seymour for example. The woman is 63 and still flaunting some serious color.

8. We Do the Best Flash Mobs (for the Greatest Reasons — to Celebrate Ourselves)

"A gathering a gingers, a society of scarlet" the news anchor calls it. This particular ginger gathering was to celebrate Redheads Day in Breda, Netherlands. Leading to yet another reason why it's great to be part of the clan: We have our own freakin' festival. Talk about a sense of community. And if that isn't proof enough, let's officially state the obvious:

9. We Do Have Souls

In fact, I think it's safe to say we're downright charming.

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