Why Was Sydney Dressed Like Jenna On 'Pretty Little Liars' & Is The Show Hinting At The Twin Theory?

Am I the only one who thought this was weird as hell? After weeks of creeping around and the big reveal that she was hanging out with Jenna, we finally got confirmation that there's something off about Sydney on Pretty Little Liars . So off that on Monday night's episode, "March of Crimes," Jenna and Sydney turned up wearing matching outfits and generally being creepy, updated versions of the twins from The Shining. Is this PLL trolling us about the supposed "Twin Theory?" And seriously, why didn't Spencer and Emily think to ask why they were dressed and styled identical?

Following her eye injury during last Monday's episode of PLL, Spencer went to her eye doctor this week where — surprise, surprise — she had her pupils dilated. Any time the liars visit a doctor, it's basically an open invitation for "A" to eff things up and creep them out. (Remember that time "A" put a message IN Hanna's tooth? Ugh.) So, with Spencer's vision all screwy, it was the perfect time for PLL to reference the ever-elusive "Twin Theory" by having "two Jennas" show up at Spencer's eye doctor's office. Which again, of course, freaked her the hell out — heck, I was freaked out.

So, when Emily turned up and she and Spencer confronted Jenna and her "twin," she recognized her right away as being Sydney. But, instead of asking the obvious question, "WHY THE HELL ARE YOU DRESSED ALIKE???" Spencer and Emily just started slinging insults at Jenna and asking Sydney why she never revealed that they were friends. Hardly the most important details here, guys? Did I mention that they were dressed exactly the same, had their hair curled exactly the same, and were being generally creepy? Asking WTF was going on with their matching outfits should've been the first thing on Emily and Spencer's minds, NOT feeling offended by Sydney's choice of friends.

Fans have been shot down regarding the PLL "Twin Theory" in the past, so it seems odd that the show would rub in it our faces like this. Is this the same situation like when the show tried to convince us in the Season 5 premiere that Melissa Hastings was "A"? Anything's possible. But really, why did no one — not even Spencer, who's usually incredibly astute — think to ask why Jenna and Sydney were dressed exactly alike? Something's not right here.

Image: ABC Family