'Teen Mom 2's Jo & Vee Are Still Together & Kailyn's Finally On Board

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Kailyn Lowry's ex-boyfriend and father to her son Isaac, Jo Rivera from Teen Mom 2, has always seemed like he's trying his best to be a stand-up dad. He's soft spoken and honest, and always patient with Kailyn. And after their relationship fell apart due to his bad behavior, he even avoiding getting back together romantically in favor of platonic co-parenting. His girlfriend, Vee Torres, wanted to move quickly into a more serious commitment, but for now the two are content to live together and not think about more kids or marriage just yet.

With so many tumultuous relationships on Teen Mom 2, they are surprisingly low key, which is just one of many reasons to hope that they're able to stay together. Here are some other things to know about them.

Image: Jo Rivera/Twitter

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