'Teen Mom 2's Jo & Vee Are Still Together & Kailyn's Finally On Board

Kailyn Lowry's ex-boyfriend and father to her son Isaac, Jo Rivera from Teen Mom 2, has always seemed like he's trying his best to be a stand-up dad. He's soft spoken and honest, and always patient with Kailyn. And after their relationship fell apart due to his bad behavior, he even avoiding getting back together romantically in favor of platonic co-parenting. His girlfriend, Vee Torres, wanted to move quickly into a more serious commitment, but for now the two are content to live together and not think about more kids or marriage just yet.

With so many tumultuous relationships on Teen Mom 2, they are surprisingly low key, which is just one of many reasons to hope that they're able to stay together. Here are some other things to know about them.

Image: Jo Rivera/Twitter

They've Been Together for Three Years

Hey, three years might not sound like a lot, but it’s pretty impressive. Considering just how crazy Jo’s life has been since Isaac was born and how early Vee was introduced to him, it’s been a more-eventful-than-usual couple of years. Clearly, Vee isn’t scared away by how complicated Jo’s life can be.

Image: Jo Rivera/Twitter

Nope, They're Not Married

While a lot of Teen Mom couples have tied the knot, including Kail and her husband Javi, Jo and Vee haven’t exchanged any rings yet. As seen on Being Dad: A Teen Mom Special, Jo couldn’t bring himself to propose to Vee without the intention of following through. Vee was hurt, but the couple are still together and moving towards marriage — at their own pace.

Image: Jo Riviera/Facebook

They've Put Aside Their Beef with Kailyn

While Kailyn’s the one who finally extended the olive branch, props to Jo and Vee for accepting it. Since Kailyn and her husband Javi have gotten into it with Jo and Vee so many times before, you can’t blame them for not wanting to go to that birthday party. Going out on a double dinner date was a much more neutral option — and now they’re getting along!

Image: Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

Jo's a Rapper and Songwriter

Look, every dad has to do something that will embarrass their kids. While Jo’s music actually isn’t that bad (grading on a scale from Kim Zolciak to Gretchen Rossi), it’s sure to make Isaac cringe once he gets to middle school. There’s even a music video starring Jo and Vee!

Image: N.I.C.K. b/Youtube

Vee Isn't "Playing" at Being a Mom

One of the things that drove Kailyn crazy was the idea that Vee would swoop in and start trying to become Isaac’s mom. While Vee does help Jo with raising Isaac, he’s still Kailyn’s mama’s boy.

Image: Vetzabe Torres/Facebook

Jo's Mom Supports Kailyn and Vee

This is just plain sweet. Jo’s mom posted a picture of her reading Kail’s book, Pride Over Pity. Nice to see that the grandma can support both her grandson’s mother and still spend time in Jo and Vee’s house.

Image: Jo Rivera/Twitter

They're Not Planning on More Kids (Yet)

While I’m sure Vee and Jo are great with Isaac, it’s smart of them to avoid having more kids right now. Even though they’ve been together for a while, they’re only in their early 20s. There’s plenty of time to have kids, now, before either of them has had time to save up money or start a career, isn’t it.

Being able to figure that out means maybe these two crazy kids will actually make it.

Image: Jo Rivera/Twitter