Even If They Get Together, Deacon Has a Chance

Deacon's feelings of betrayal over finding out Maddie was his child on Nashville was easy for me to understand. His subsequent downward spiral which led to a car crash and jail time, however? That was a little more difficult. Hopefully we won't be headed down that terrible path once again if Rayna decides to choose Luke in Nashville Season 3 after that dueling proposal predicament, which seems more likely than ever now that SpoilerTV reports that Deacon will be fighting with Luke over his relationship with Maddie next season. This isn't looking very good for the once again clean and sober country singer.

That's right, apparently Teddy isn't the only man in Rayna's life that has a problem with how close Deacon and Maddie have become in a matter of months. They've already performed a beautiful song together and Maddie is basically just days away from calling him dad all the time. So why is Luke having such a tough time with the idea of Deacon and Maddie spending time together? Well it would only make sense if Rayna picked Luke to be her new husband, and now he's trying to cement his place in the family. If that is the case, he probably feels threatened by Deacon's constant appearance in their lives. Or maybe, by the time Season 3 rolls around, Luke discovers that Deacon also tried to propose to Rayna. That wouldn't be a pleasant discovery.

But what does this mean for Deacon? In the past I would have said that Deacon would go back to drinking and eventually land in jail again, or worse. But now that he knows the truth about Maddie and after that proposal to Rayna where he so triumphantly said "I know how to love you now," I'm not so sure a negative reaction is immediately where his head would go. He probably won't react to it well at first — it has to be upsetting to find out the one woman you've loved your whole life wants to marry someone else. But at this point, Deacon seems to finally understand that he and Rayna are endgame. They belong together and it doesn't look like anything is going to change his mind now.

So instead of going back down the dark rabbit hole, I think Deacon will fight for what he loves, he will fight for the right to have his dream family. That's why he's fighting with Luke to stay in Maddie's life. To show both Luke and Rayna that he's not about to just disappear from their lives. He's going to prove to Rayna that he can be the father and husband she wanted him to be all those years ago, just like he said he could be in his proposal. And for the first time, I think I believe him.

Images: ABC; whentherightonecomesalong/Tumblr (2)