Are 'SYTYCD's Jacque & Rudy A Couple? Probably Not, 'Shippers

Do we have another Maks and Meryl on our hands on So You Think You Can Dance? One can never know for sure but the hit Fox dance show is certainly playing up the obvious possibility of a romance between Season 11 contestants Rudy and Jacque. While the things Rudy says about Jacque are quite adorable (and the pictures he takes are even more so), what if this relationship is not quite as romantic as we're all hoping it actually is? What if, god forbid, Rudy and Jacque are not actually a couple?

Now before you all come after me with pitchforks, let me preface this post by saying I hope the two dancers are in fact smitten like kittens with each other. But I just don't want us all to expecting a Notebook-style love and get sucker punched with nothing instead. Maybe it's just because I've been burned by celebrity love before, Dancing With The Stars' could be lovebirds Maks and Meryl's almost relationship ruined me for other reality TV couples, and perhaps I'm still aching over Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams breaking up (no offense, Eva Mendes; you and Ryan will make beautiful babies). But here are some of the ways I believe Rudy and Jacque are not a couple — not yet at least.

They Haven't Even Had Their First Kiss

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For all the gushing Rudy does about Jacque and in return all of the nice things she says about him, they've only been on one date that we know of and they haven't even kissed. Rudy says in this interview that he would wait for eight months to have a first kiss with Jacque, which in theory is cute, but there is no person — not just man, person — on Earth who would actually stick to this plan.

Rudy Is A Big Flirt

Jacque has said it before a few times. Tanisha has said it before. Zack has said it before. It seems to be an indisputable fact among the contestants. Who knows what that means?

The Romance Seems A Little One-Sided At Times

Rudy seems to have an awful lot more awesome things to say about Jacque than Jacque does about Rudy. He remembers little things about her, he's always taking pictures with her. Jacque? Not so much. Maybe that's because of his aforementioned flirtatiousness or maybe there's a hidden meaning?

Jacque And Zack Are Kind Of Cute Together Too

What? Don't look at me like that, they are.

Rudy Has Insanely Good Chemistry With Tanisha

There's nothing wrong with Tanisha. In fact, she's kind of super badass.

Bonus: I Don't Know If Jacque And Rudy Can Ever Be This Cute

Allison and Twitch 4Ever.

Or maybe I'm wrong and they are together. A SYTYCD fan can dream, after all.

Images: dance11rudy/Instagram (2); danceonfox, letusread-letusdance, qweensophie/Tumblr; David Bertozzi/Buzzfeed (gif)