You Must See Chris' Yearbook Photo

Chris Pratt is everywhere right now, and with good cause: He's a bonafide movie star who is so funny, charming, and bulky that he's giving many of us schoolgirl crushes in ways we didn't know were possible as grown adults. And while I'm on the topic of "schoolgirl crushes" — you must see Chris Pratt's high school yearbook photo. You must see this in part because it's one of those glorious "before they were movie stars" moments, and also because he was just as adorable in high school as he is now.

In the photos below, you can see his regular senior pic, stripes and all, a photo of him wrestling (be still your beating heart) as well as a photo of him that looks like he's in Grease! — did Chris Pratt do musical theater? This could be up for debate, but those guys in leather jackets sure look like T-Birds, thanks to my encyclopedic knowledge of Great And Mediocre Moments in Musical Theater. You can also see that he was voted class clown — surprised much? This guy was crackin' jokes long before he was flashing Amy Poehler on Parks and Rec .

So, consider this just another addition to your all-things-Chris-Pratt collection. Undeniably, summer 2014 is the Summer of Pratt, and basically, you know it's his summer when the Internet is digging up old photos of him with 100 percent enthusiasm, proving that he was a star all along, long before Guardians of the Galaxy .

School Portrait

Yup. That's the Star-Lord in a sweater with a zipper collar.

In Grease?

The Highest Honor Goes to ...

Yes. Of course he was voted class clown. Also, what's Chrissy up to these days?

Annnnnd Here He Is Wrestling