Dinner Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

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It’s really quite amazing the number of options we’ve got for delivery these days. Even when you narrow down all your Seamless selections to something as simple as pizza, the mere thought of figuring out exactly what to put on your pie can be so paralyzing that it takes hours for your dinner to arrive. But guess what? There’s an app for that. It’s called Push for Pizza, and (unsurprisingly), it delivers you pizza at the tap of a smartphone screen. The simplest ideas are usually the best ones, right?

TechCrunch is calling it “the Yo of pizza delivery” (remember that brief and bizarre Yo craze from earlier this year?), and they’re not wrong. Here’s how it works: After you download it, simply plug in your address and payment info (first things first). Then, all you have to do is pick from one of two options: Cheese or pepperoni. Just tap your choice, and Push for Pizza takes care of the rest — everything from sending your order to a pizzeria near you to paying for the pie and tipping your delivery person.

If it sounds to you like something a couple of teenagers would dream up, you’d be spot-on; Push for Pizza is the brainchild of five teens from Brooklyn. They even went so far as to stage a dramatic re-creation of the day they came up with the idea as a promo video:

As I discovered this app at eight o’clock in the morning, I have not Pushed for Pizza yet; even though I am a firm believer that pizza is an anytime food, somehow I just wasn’t feeling the pizza-for-breakfast thing today (and hey, let’s face it: Pizza-for-breakfast is always best when it’s cold). However! I did put my food-loving brain to work thinking up a variety of other edibles that might benefit from a similar app. Cyrus Summerlin, one of Push for Pizza’s creators, told TechCrunch that spinoffs and variations are in the works — so guys? Here are a few suggestions for you:

1. Bop for Burgers

McDonald’s may be working on a 60-second drive-through, but that still requires you to physically go there. Why bother when you could just bop your smartphone and have your burger come to you instead?

2. Click for Cupcakes

Chocolate, vanilla, or red velvet: Take your pick.

3. Go Go Gadget Grilled Cheese

Is anyone else aflutter with joy at the possibilities that might arise from a collaboration between Push for Pizza and The Melt?

4. Call for Cookies

This one might be a little tougher, as cookie varieties don’t tend to work on the same sort of binary pizza and burgers do — but who wouldn’t want a warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie delivered at the push of a button? No one. That’s who.

5. Tap for Tacos

Maybe instead of giving you a choice of, say, chicken or beef tacos, this one might let you choose between tacos and a burrito — perfect for when Chipotle is just too overwhelming for you to deal with.

6. Sing for Sandwiches

We’re talking metaphorical singing here. You don’t have to actually sing for your supper — although you get bonus points if you do.

7. Nod for Noodles

Choices include pad thai or spaghetti (although they won’t come from the same restaurant. I am skeptical of anywhere that claims to do both Italian and Thai).

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