Who Is 'Virgin Territory's Luke? The "Kissing Bandit" Likes to Party

Luke is a 22-year-old college student; he's handsome, he has tattoos, and he's always down to make out with girls. A star of MTV's Virgin Territory , Luke also happens to be waiting until marriage to have sex, and the reality series is documenting the highs and lows of that journey. With such personal subject matter, MTV has managed to assemble a cast of very relatable subjects: an array of average young people who just haven't had sex yet. Some, like Luke, are trying their hardest not to, and others are actively looking to change their virgin status as soon as possible. But for all of them, it's a big deal.

Luke is the son of a pastor, from a tiny town in Minnesota who is keeping his virginity as "a promise [he] made to [his] future wife a long time ago." But once Luke went off to college, despite attending the conservative Christian school Liberty University, his access to girls who might be interested in helping him round home base began to tempt him away from his promise, or at least, loosen up that promise's restrictions. Someone — whether it was actually his friends, or just a sassy MTV producer — even nicknamed him the "Kissing Bandit." But there's a lot more to know about Luke than just his propensity for frenching.

He's tatted up to honor God

Luke's torso serves a bit of a Memento-esque reminder of what he stands for. Across his collar bone is a tattoo that reads, "Bought with a price," and below that, to the left, a barcode with "1 Cor. 6:20" printed below it: "Do you not know you were bought with a price? Therefore, honor God with your body," in Luke's interpretation of the verse.

He has an MTV doppleganger

Virgin Territory has been welcomed into the lineup of MTV reality shows that tend to focus more on the "after" affects of sex on teen lives rather than the "before," but according to Luke's Twitter, his resemblance to Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey has made him the belle of virginity ball.

He likes to party

Just because Luke is a virgin doesn't mean he isn't still a senior in college who wants to have a good time. In this Wednesday's episode, Luke takes a girl to a rave (that coincidentally looks a lot like a scene from Teen Wolf) and tries to figure out a "good time" to make his move.

According to his date, Madalynn, "It's a good time."

It looks like Luke may have found his lady

In the clip above, you can see that Luke continued his "Kissing Bandit" spree with Madalynn, but it looks like he may have ended it there too. Madalynn has received many a #wcw on Luke's Instagram lately, but the most recent is probably the most telling.

Images: MTV (2); Luke Conger/Instagram