Justin Bieber Serenaded His Grandmother While Naked. How Normal!

It was a normal Canadian Thanksgiving, and Justin Bieber woke up late. What to do?, he wondered as the sounds of his family washed over him. He could hear his grandmother telling the others how to prepare the turkey as he tried to think of the funniest way to make his grand entrance. All of a sudden, like the clap of a thunderbolt of comic genius, Justin Bieber knew exactly what to do! He'd serenade his grandma, and the rest of his family by extension, completely naked, with only a guitar to hide what millions of teenage girls would give their right hand to see. How hilarious and family-friendly!

But actually not, because Bieber really did do this, making us again realize that Bieber will never be able to act like a normal person. In case the leopard print Audi and peeing-in-a-bucket scenario weren't damning enough. If one has to wonder due to experience whether it's frowned upon to serenade your grandparent with your butt on show for all to see, you're already too far gone.

But the weird part is his entire family apparently found it funny too, including his poor grandma. So maybe his awkward sense of propriety (or lack thereof) is a genetic trait made worse by fame and superfans. Or his family was nervously laughing to make up for the fact that they'd never get over seeing his naked body barely hidden behind a guitar. We'll never know. For now we can only shudder and imagine how terribly this sort of "prank" would go over at our family Thanksgivings.