Jay Z & Beyonce’s Marriage Is the Real Deal & Her On-Stage Breakdown Proves It

There has, understandably, been a lot of gossip stemming from Beyonce and Jay Z's On the Run tour. After all, Bey and Jay divorce rumors are running rampant right now, so anything they say or do can and will be held against them. So, naturally, when Beyonce reportedly broke down during a performance of "Resentment" on Sunday in Los Angeles, speculation reached a fever pitch.

As the story goes, while singing "Resentment," which, as you know, is about a relationship that's falling apart due to cheating, Beyonce's eyes were glassy and red. An onlooker said, "Not long after, she stopped singing and seemed overcome with emotion. The camera was cut in tight so you could literally see her eyes welling up before she closed them and attempted to collect herself." This, of course, wouldn't be the first time Beyonce has gotten emotional while on stage, but the fact that it happened during that particular song while these particular rumors are going around makes it difficult to ignore.

Since we've started becoming bombarded with Beyonce/Jay Z break-up rumors, many people — anonymous and non — have said that their marriage has been fake all along. (Akon even went as far as calling it "corporate.") But, I don't know, if Beyonce keeps getting emotional on stage like this, how phony could their relationship be? Their marriage may certainly have different elements to it than "normal" relationships, but geez, the woman is clearly upset here. Maybe everyone should cut her a little break?

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