Akon Thinks Beyonce & Jay Z Should Open Up More

After Akon made the bold assertion that Lady Gaga's career was basically on life support, one thing became crystal clear: He's definitely not afraid to put it all out there, and according to what the singer-songwriter/producer recently told TMZ about Beyoncé and Jay Z, he thinks the Carters should do the same. Specifically, Akon believes the endless rumors about an inevitable Beyoncé and Jay Z divorce have a lot to do with the couple keeping their relationship securely zip-locked from public consumption, and he thinks that's bad.

Before the Beygency opens a file on Akon and dispatches the nearest Beyhive members to mercilessly swarm him, I have to acknowledge a few things about his assertion that Jay and Bey's relationship is more for business than for pleasure. Unlike those who decided to weigh in on the divorce rumors as a pitiful ploy for attention, Akon's opinion honestly doesn't seem to come from a malicious place. He goes on to say that a more forthcoming Beyoncé and Jay Z would reduce speculation about their relationship, and it's not the most illogical thing I've heard about the couple's alleged marital strife.

However, is Akon right? If Bey and Jay overshared about their relationship, would the public be less interested in the divorce rumors? The Carters have become considerably more open about their relationship over the years, which only seems to fuel the rumor mill, not detract from it.

The more Beyoncé shares on her personal site or on Instagram, the more people dissect the photos for signs of trouble, signs that she's not superhuman, or signs that she's an unfit mother. Plus, the celebrities who do speak candidly about their personal lives aren't exactly exempt from rumors, either.

To put it simply, Beyoncé is Beyoncé, which is reason enough for people to speculate. Her refusing to divulge details about her personal life may spark rumors, but I honestly don't remember a moment since she became uber popular where something she did or said didn't get people talking. As Akon put it, the Carters are public figures and this invasion of their private life may indeed be what they signed up for. Even though his opinion is probably one that's shared by many, I still don't think the sordid details of Beyoncé and Jay Z's marriage should be shared by all.

Here's Akon's full statement below: