Aubrey O'Day & Dawn Richard's Scary Fight Makes Me Question the Danity Kane Reunion

Danity Kane, don't do this to me. The girl group has come too far and surpassed way too many obstacles, so I sincerely hope that the recent fight between Aubrey O'Day and Dawn Richard doesn't mean that this DK reunion has already erupted into flames before it even leaves the runway. Besides, they just teased two new songs and got everyone excited for a long-awaited album. Although I'm not as invested in the group's success as say, Shannon Bex, who reportedly tried to intervene in the scuffle, it still doesn't stop me from shakin' in my boots at the prospect of a future without new Danity Kane music.I don't even want to think about them becoming a duo because that simply will not suffice. But to be completely honest about O'Day and Richard's fight, knowing that they can't even get through recording an album without engaging in a physical altercation warrants serious concern. It would be one thing if it was a typical argument that climaxed with shouting, hair flips, severe eye rolls and a door-slamming match. But as TMZ reported, cops came to the studio where the incident allegedly took place and O'Day even filed a battery police report, listing herself as the victim. I hate to say it, but this entire fiasco makes me feel like their reunion won't last long.

However, in the spirit of keeping things positive, there's still a glimmer of hope that this will blow over soon because O'Day and Bex sent their birthday wishes to Richard in a recorded video message. Per Rap-Up, the video was recorded Tuesday, one day after the fighting incident. Even if it's an insincere gesture that seems to be more in line with a flaky PR stunt, I'll take it. If anything, any attempt the group makes at saving face is a sign that this situation isn't beyond repair.Image: Giphy