Danity Kane Releases Snippets of 2 New Songs & There's a Lot to Be Excited About — LISTEN

Just before the summer heat arrived, Danity Kane poured some "Lemonade" that officially put them back on the map and ended the group's five-year musical drought. The track definitely quenched fans' thirst and DK's successful "No Filter Tour" sweetened the deal. Their constant Twitter updates hint at the album being close to complete, but there's still no word on exactly when it will actually drop. After a quick listen to two snippets of new songs Aubrey O'Day and Dawn Richard posted on Instagram, it's clear that the ladies have a new perspective and are experimenting with fresh, diverse sounds.

Even though the group's platinum albums Danity Kane and Welcome to the Dollhouse are responsible for DK's dedicated legion of followers, they've obviously grown up a lot since then and gained experience in the music industry and in their personal lives that offers plenty of songwriting material. Judging by Danity Kane's most recent performances, they seem more assertive and confident and the two songs they previewed online seem to exhibit that same attitude.

For example, the snippet O'Day posted highlights her super strong vocals. In the past, she admitted to being challenged by people who criticized her singing abilities, but if this track makes the album, it will promptly silence anyone who questions her vocal prowess.

The song Dawn shared kind of has a dark feel to it, but it also contains some pretty sexy lyrics like, "Just got back to town and you're the first thing I wanna do." It seems safe to assume that Dawn's contribution to DK3's new album will be more of same unique edginess that she perfected with her solo projects.

While I'm grateful for a hint at new DK music, enough teasing already! It just makes me more anxious for the full album. If the other songs feature more of this new sultry DK sound, then it's guaranteed to be worth the wait.