'Better Call Saul' & Walter White Will Probably Not Cross Paths & Maybe It's For the Best

With all the information, spoilers, and interviews floating around about Better Call Saul, it's really difficult to figure out even a shred of what we should expect from the upcoming Breaking Bad spin-off. Will Saul be named James M. McGill? Will Jesse Pinkman make an appearance? Walter White? Who even knows at this point! Well, I finally have some sort of good news: We can (probably) count out another Walt appearance. According to Bryan Cranston, Walter White will likely not appear on Better Call Saul , and anything he's said to the contrary was a mixture of joking and speculation.

In other words, Bryan Cranston says no. Probably. Who am I kidding, we still know nothing about this show.

I don’t know in what context it would work in, because we’re in different phases. The characters didn’t meet until the second season of Breaking Bad, when Walter needed to meet him. I suppose they could have a serendipitous brush of each other down the street or in the market, but I don’t know what good that’ll do — it’s just a little cookie.

So, what does this mean? Cranston is basically saying Walt won't be on the show ... probably. It's telling that he's not saying he'd be open to reappearing as the character, though, which makes me believe that even if the writers wanted to write him in, he wouldn't take the bait. And honestly, I'm with Cranston here. I know the show has planned to be a mixture of flashbacks and flashforwards, but having Walter White or even Jesse involved in this show in any way just seems a bit too gimmicky. If Better Call Saul wants to stand on its own as a show based on but separate from Breaking Bad, it can't rely on Walt or Jesse for any attention. Leave Walt and Jesse in peace, and give us what the show promises: Saul Goodman's story.

Unless any appearance by Walter White involves a throwback to this magical website. Then maybe just a small cameo is OK.

Image: AMC