Uber's "Uberpool," A Ride-Sharing Service For Grown-Ups, Could Get Seriously Awkward

In a world where you can go online to find a job, a babysitter, and even a spouse, Uber now lets you find your perfect cab-mate as well. On Tuesday, Uber announced ride-sharing feature UberPool — a service that allows users to save money by splitting their cab with another Uber user. As of now, UberPool will only service San Francisco on its Aug. 15 debut, but the company likely has plans to expand if the service takes off.

How will it work? Well, when you request a ride through UberPool, Uber links you with other another user requesting a ride to a similar destination at the same time. Even better — UberPool still offers a discounted fare on the trip, even if there’s no one for you to split your ride with. Cheaper cab fare and pleasant companionship on your ride—sounds pretty great, right? Well, maybe not entirely.

There are definitely some cases where sharing an UberRide with a total stranger selected by an Uber matching system could get a little weird. UberPool is like the blind date of transportation services, and will likely come with its own set of unspoken rules. Who gets dropped off first? Are you expected to talk or remain silent on your half of the cab? Is texting while ride sharing considered rude?

With these burning questions in mind, here are some cases where sharing an Uber ride share could get potentially awkward.

When UberPool matches you to ride with your arch nemesis from high school

When UberPool matches you with someone sketchy and now they know where you live

When you just ordered a pizza for yourself on your way home and don’t want to share

When you’re sharing a ride with someone going home from work while you’re heading out on the town

See? Awkward.