6 Things You Should Never Say To A 'Once Upon A Time' Fan Or You'll Have To Face The Evil Queen

If you want your own fairytale ending, you probably shouldn't get on this fandom's bad side. ABC's Once Upon A Time has collected an impressively passionate band of loyal fans over its three seasons and it's only getting larger and stronger now that OUAT Season 4 will feature a Frozen storyline. Nothing like a "Let It Go" sing-a-long to bring people together, am I right? But, of course, OUAT was popular on its own before it started messing around with Ice Queens — I could've debated until the end of time about whether or not Emma belonged with Hook or Neal. (Luckily, she didn't really have to choose) And that's just the tip of the OUAT iceberg.

Oncers, as fans of the fairytale drama like to call themselves, are a fierce bunch and just like all diehard groups of fans, we have our limits. So don't confuse us with being just grown-up Disney fans trying to hold onto the magic (even though most of us are — who isn't a Disney fan?). Because OUAT is about so much more than that — it's about history and love and accepting your destiny. Right, people?

So, in the interest of sparing you some epic Emma Swan side-eye action, here are 6 things you should NEVER say to a loyal Once Upon A Time fan. Seriously, just don't say them. Ever.

"Emma Should've Been With Neal."

No, just no. There are some fans that would disagree with me on this, but Neal burned Emma seriously bad and I know he was her first love and the father of her child and she really wanted to be a family. But some wounds don't heal — like sending your girlfriend and baby momma to jail for your petty crime.

"Just Get Over Neal's Death Already."

DID YOU EVEN SEE THIS SCENE? Neal sacrificed himself for his father's life — a father that he spent his entire life running away from. It was heroic. It was beautiful. And even though it was necessary to set Emma free, it still hurt. A lot.

"Jamie Dornan Looks Better Without A Beard."

You're just wrong here. I won't even dignify this statement with a lengthy response.

"Rumpelstiltskin Is Just A Bad Guy."

Again, some fans might disagree with me (hopefully not though), but Rumpelstiltskin isn't a bad guy. He definitely has trouble managing his anger and impulses, but he's really a product of an extremely shitty life — which we learned in Season 3 with the introduction of Pan, who turned out to be Rumpel's dead-beat dad. But he's trying his best, aside from avenging Neal's death, Rumpel's finally making an honest woman out of Belle and no one can deny that he's really treated her right thus far.

"You're Obsessed With A Fake Relationship."

A huge part of OUAT is its 'ships — Rumbelle, Captain Swan, Robin Hood and Regina, even Swan Queen — if you don't have a 'ship you're doing it wrong. Heck, you can even have multiple 'ships. So, #sorrynotsorry for having an emotional connection to my favorite characters' wellbeing.

"So It's A Show About Magic."

No. Some of these characters can do magic and it's pretty cool, but no, OUAT isn't a show about magic. It's about family and love and accepting who you are, which are a lot bigger and more relatable IRL than magic.

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