'Sons of Anarchy' Season 7 Trailer Promises Lots & Lots of Bloody Drama

Ha, remember when Charlie Hunnam was supposed to be Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey film adaptation, but then he dropped out of the role because of "scheduling conflicts" which was really just a thinly veiled excuse for "everyone on the Sons of Anarchy cast was making fun of me"? Yeah...it was a little hard not to still see Hunnam as the asshole himself Mr. Grey for a while, but this new Sons of Anarchy season 7 trailer is sure to diminish any residual images you may have in your head of Hunnam playing anyone other than a violent biker named Jax. Seriously, sh*t is about to hit the fan in this show, and it's clear that Sons of Anarchy is pulling out all the stops to make this season, its final, go out with a bang.

Of course, as always, I won't give too much away because the trailer is really better experienced when viewed than just read about: But some highlights before you hit play on that video are OK. Let's see...some keywords: violence, violence, drama, violence, Katey Sagel looking like a badass, more violence. Yep, sounds about right — especially considering that last season (SPOILER ALERT!) left off with Jax's lady love Tara being killed at the hands of his mother (Sagel), something Jax knows nothing of. Yet.

AHHH WHY IS THIS SHOW ENDING? Check out the trailer below — Sons of Anarchy will return for its final season on FX on September 9.

Image: FX