Who Are 'Top Chef Duels' Richard Blais & Marcel Vigneron? Meet the All-Star Rivals

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It hasn't even premiered yet and Bravo's Top Chef Duels is already promising lots of drama. This may seem like your average run of the mill cooking competition, but you'd be wrong to underestimate it, especially considering Shailene Woodley is lined up to be a guest judge.

Top Chef Duels takes the best parts of all of your favorite shows — huge personalities, competitive spirit, reality TV style drama, elimination challenges, cooking — and puts them all together. It's essentially Bachelor Pad, but with chef hats and knives (but not knives in the back, hopefully).

Matching up Top Chef All Stars winner Richard Blais with celebrity chef Marcel Vigneron, this battle is definitely going to leave one chef walking home unhappy. According to Bravo, the first duel episode of the season will feature a hot and cold component dessert from Richard, a burger from Marcel (which is one of his specialties), and a three-course meal cooked by both chefs, which will decide who moves on to the season finale.

Take a look at both competitor's to decide who you think will come out on top.

Image: Bravo

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