Shailene Woodley Is 'Top Chef Duels' Guest Judge, So Let Them Have Their Clay & Eat It Too

There's a difference between healthy living and... whatever it is that Shailene Woodley does. Sometimes, Woodley has a real penchant for saying things that make you want to scratch your head and ponder it for a long time — and not in a good way. While Shailene Woodley's definition of feminism continues to need some work, it's nowhere near as alarming as her tips on how to lead a healthy life. Remember when we found out that Woodley sunbathes her vagina? Or that Woodley recommends people eat clay? Confused, yet? Well, to add to that confusion, Shailene Woodley will be a guest judge on Top Chef Duels, so hopefully there are 101 recipes for clay out there.

Woodley is only one of many celebrity judges, which will include Pink and the casts of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Grey's Anatomy, but she's the most eyebrow-raising of the bunch. Top Chef Duels will feature 18 of the chefs from past seasons of Top Chef and Top Chef Masters for a battle royale, hosted by celebrity chef Curtis Stone. Two chefs will face off against one another in three rounds of head-to-head battles and the ultimate winner will get a $100,000 grand prize and a Food and Wine feature.

To the mainstream palette, choosing Woodley as a guest judge for Top Chef Duels is like choosing Justin Bieber as a guest judge for Project Runway: it just doesn't make any sense. From a competitive standpoint, however, it makes perfect sense. Woodley's taste in food is nothing if not unique and the chefs will really have to above and beyond to surprise or impress her. The girl eats clay to get rid of heavy metals in her body. You're not going to impress her with foie gras.

Woodley as a judge seems like a pretty big indication that the challenge she'll be presiding over will be about healthy or alternative eating, maybe even forcing the chefs to try and make their trademark meals with alternative ingredients. I'm anticipating the word "organic" being thrown around a lot, with the chefs remaining mindful of ingredients known for helping to flush harmful substances out of the body. It seems like the kind of thing that Woodley would really appreciate.

Top Chef Duels is going to run for 10 episodes beginning on August 6, 2014 at 10 p.m. There's no word on when Woodley's episode will air, but we should all tune in, if only just to see if the other judges ask her more about the whole clay eating thing.

Image: Tumblr