You'll Want To Wear Everything In Her Adidas Line

Selena Gomez, the alleged bone of contention between those bitchslappers Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom, has been repping the teen-centric NEO line by Adidas for a few seasons now. Gomez's red carpet attire and ensembles are usually on point — she is like a mini Jennifer Lopez with her glammed out choices. She is easily one of the best-dressed stars of her generation. But when she goes casual, she rocks the kind of looks that all her beloved Selenators and stylish younger girls or co-eds want to replicate. Such is the case with the latest Adidas NEO collection.

The brand has also boasted Stella McCartney-designed athletic wear, so Adidas is certainly attempting to remain a fashionable option for those of us who don't want the word "PINK" scrawled all over our more leisurely pieces. The latest Gomez-backed pieces are insanely wearable — they're just a little bit athletic, totally adhere to the street chic aesthetic, and can take you from summer to fall flawlessly based on what you team them with.

Even though I land outside the NEO target demo, I would without question wear several pieces in the collection. These are the line's four cutest offerings: They are so versatile, transitional, and workable with wardrobe basics currently in your closet.

1. Skulls And Bones

This skull print skirt is super cute and flirty and is aces as a transition piece from late summer to early fall. Live in Cali or warm climates? Go bare-legged and pair it with booties and a loose or fitted tee —maybe a beanie, too, if you wanna get crazy. Live in NYC or in a cooler region? Layer with an infinity scarf, opaque tights and a leather hoodie when the weather breaks. ($30,

2. Bombs Away

The denim bomber is totally an '80s throwback item, but it's still fresh and begs to be worn with a short, floral print dress and combat boots. It's an unusual piece that works with simple black leggings and combat boots, too. ($50,

3. Lace Up Your Boots

Speaking of combat boots, there is a pair in the collection. Boots never go out of style and I am in the market for a new set, since the $200 Topshop pair I bought in 2010 are in dire need of a visit to a cobbler. These could be an alternate pair that weans me off the Topshoppers, which are by Office. I don't love that Gomez's name is stamped on them, but that's a small detail that can be covered with some creative Sharpie-ing. The belt detail at the top however? Aces. ($90,

4. A Turnt Up Sweatshirt

The skull print sleeves on this sweatshirt and the scoopy neck are a turnt up and femme alternative to the trusty and time-honored hoodie. I wouldn't wear this with the skirt, since that'd be too matchy-matchy and too grade school. Dark rinse, blue skinnies are the way to go with this top, paired with either flip flops, ballet slippers, or a pair of Converse Chuck Taylors in any hue. ($30,

Images: Adidas (4)