Did 'Hart of Dixie' Season 4 Star Scott Porter Tease Another Cabaret Episode? — PHOTOS

They're a theatrical bunch in Bluebell, Alabama. When Hart of Dixie's characters aren't obsessing over whether or not Zoe and Wade will get back together or breaking up like it's going out of style — they're singing in cabarets. Hart Of Dixie Season 3 featured a human biology-themed cabaret as well as a handful of Belle performances, helmed by Crickett, and even a play. So when Scott Porter, who plays good-guy lawyer George Tucker on the series, posted a photo of the Hart of Dixie cast in period costumes, my imagination ran wild. Could this be the "Star of the Show" episode, round two? I hope so.

Fans have seen a lot of over-the-top costumes on HOD over the past three seasons, so it's not exactly surprising to see the cast dressed up yet again in this behind-the-scenes photo. In Season 1, we saw the Belles — including the series' star Rachel Bilson's Zoe Hart — floating around the town square in full hoop-skirts. We've also seen Bluebell's residents dressed as pirates and in Shakespearean costumes and in Season 3, in Prohibition era garb at a Gatsby-themed party for Lemon's homecoming, in medieval suits of armor for a jousting tournament, and Crickett in a 1980s-themed wedding dress when she attempted to renew her vows with Stanley. So what does Porter's Instagram photo of the cast and his costumed selfie reveal about Season 4 of Hart of Dixie?

First, the photos — on Aug. 5, Porter posted this cast photo:

And, a few days earlier on Aug. 2, the actor posted this top-hatted selfie:

Porter captioned his selfie, "What's going on in #Bluebell?????? #HartofDixie #MrDarcy?" We could just assume that Dash is putting on a production of Pride & Prejudice with Bluebell's finest — but Porter's George as Mr. Darcy doesn't exactly fit with the costumes Annabeth, Lemon, Crickett, Wanda, Tom, and Stanley are wearing in the group photo. Which leads me to one possible conclusion — another cabaret.

Season 3's performance ended up being a hit, even though it wasn't what everyone had planned for (praise Zoe and her science humor). So with Fancie's burning down at the end of Season 3, it's possible that Season 4 will feature its grand opening under a new owner (Shelby again?) since Lemon took off on her singles' cruise and with that, another live stage performance. It wouldn't be the craziest thing to happen in Bluebell — and we all know how Stanley and Crickett love being the center of attention.

Images: The CW, SkittishKid/Instagram (2)