'Hart Of Dixie' Season 4: Zoe & Wade Could Be Split By Doctor Henry — If Someone Else Doesn't Get In The Way

Thank goodness Hart Of Dixie will be back on our televisions for Season 4. While the new Season 4 could potentially be Hart Of Dixie 's last, I'd like to focus on the positives as we get closer and closer to its fall premiere. Or at very least, the juicy details both good and bad of Season 4. We already know that Zoe could be pregnant in Season 4 because of the real-life pregnancy of Rachel Bilson. So that's pretty juicy all on its own. And it's certainly not going to help with those who are deeply in love with Zoe and Wade's relationship because the baby is likely to be Zoe's ex-boyfriend Joel's baby. But now there's more potential drama coming in the form of a dashing new doctor in town. Ian Anthony Dale will play Doctor Henry Dalton, a charming new doctor that's considered to be a "walking superman."

So what else do we know about this sexy new doctor? According to TVLine, Henry is one of the richest, most well-connected men in the South. He's also funny and philanthropic, as he worked with Doctors Without Borders for a while. I hate to say this, but he kind of sounds perfect. And you know who could use a dose of perfect for a little while? Zoe.

Before all you "Zade" fans out there find my address and come attack me late at night with pitchforks, just hear me out for a second. I love Zoe and Wade together, but right now they are just not working. There are too many complications and the last time they were together, Wade ruined it with his cheating ways. While I do believe that Zoe and Wade is the endgame relationship, I think they still need a little more time growing before they end up together. Besides, if Season 4 is the last season, these two lovebirds can't just get together in the season premiere and then sustain the relationship. It would be implausible considering their mistakes and their personalities, and it would be just a little boring.

So what needs to happen is for Zoe to be with a man that has his act together. Perhaps he helps her while she is pregnant and she sees that there are stable men in the world. Seeing Zoe with someone who does have his life together will help Wade realize he does want Zoe back for good and that means he needs to shape up as well. And perhaps seeing someone who knows what he wants and knows how to be an adult in an adult relationship help Zoe mature too.

But to be honest, the more and more I hear about Doctor Henry Dalton, the more I start to think that maybe he'd be a great fit for someone else: Lemon. Lemon has been though a lot romance-wise with Lavon, George and everyone else in between. Lemon and George should never get back together, but that doesn't mean Lemon doesn't deserve to find someone else. That stable, reliable, handsome person could be Henry. And maybe along with Zoe and Wade, Lemon can also find a happily ever after.

Images: The CW; zoeswade; fponthedl/Tumblr