'Big Brother's Jocasta Forgot Who Ariana Grande Is & Now She Might Go Home... Coincidence?

Remember when Saturday Night Live did "The Beygency" sketch where Andrew Garfield said he wasn't a huge fan of that "Drunk In Love" song... And the entire country turned against him (as a country should regarding Beyonce traitors)? I am starting to think that might be a thing for Ariana Grande fans, or Arianators as they are called, as well. On Wednesday afternoon, it seemed to be a sure thing that Big Brother 's Zach Rance had a reservation for one with Julie Chen on Thursday's live double eviction. But on Wednesday night, everything we've known for the past week changed when suddenly Derrick and the Detonators decided to save Zach from eviction and vote out Jocasta.

Why the sudden shift? Well, Jocasta and her tongue might have gotten themselves in some deep trouble for speaking ill of Frankie Grande's little sister, Ariana Grande. We all know Frankie is Ariana's number one fan — no matter what Victoria says — so when it was revealed that Jocasta didn't remember who Ariana was, well I think it's safe to say Jocasta sealed her own fate with just one little comment. Beware, fellow houseguests, because there is a greater power in that house than any "expect the unexpected" twist that can get thrown at you... And that's the Ariana Army.

The crime:

The result:

In reality, Derrick and his badass Big Brother game realized it really was in his best interest to keep Zach, so the Detonators still had the majority of the house's numbers. He quickly spread the news to Cody, who told Christine, who told Frankie, who told Caleb — all while Zach was sound asleep, little did he know —assuring that Zach was indeed going to stay in the house for one more week (or hour... since he could technically go home during double eviction). The Detonators are now setting their sights on Hayden, Nicole, and Donny, believing Donny is the mastermind behind everything that went down this week. Little do they know, most of the destruction that occurred was because of Frankie and Christine, but those two seem to be safe, if the competitions work out to The Detonators' advantage during the double eviction.

So, sorry Jocasta. You didn't do anything wrong, game-wise per say, but next time you say you don't remember who Ariana Grande is, in front of millions of people, beware of The Ariana Army.

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