How Can I Vote For The Teen Choice Awards? Time Is Running Out!

It's coming — that bombastic celebration of all things teen — the Teen Choice Awards! It's when folks in their formative years, not some elite group of critics, vote for the winners, and then the winners walk away with a giant and cumbersome surfboard. Or should I say for this year — surfboardt. So given that the fates of the winners — which will be determined when the show airs on Sunday, August 10 at 8PM EST on Fox — are in the very feeble hands of teenagers, you might be wondering a few questions: like how do I vote for the Teen Choice Awards!?!

Let me walk you through some commonly asked questions regarding the voting process.

Can I vote for The Teen Choice Awards?

Are you between the ages of 13 and 19? According the official rules, you can't vote unless you're actually a teen.

But — but! I'm a teen at heart!

Nope. We're talking birth certificates, only.

But look at my CD collection! It's filled with teen pop music!

You just said "CD" collection, so obviously you were born in the early '90s or '80s and are therefore...not a teen. It's okay. Trust me, I know the feeling — every #TBT, I think of my bat mitzvah.

Can I lie about my age?

Don't be a bad person.

OK. So I'm actually a teen. What do I gotta do?

Go to the Teen Choice Awards website and register! Yes, just like when you're voting for the POTUS or any person who's running for political office, you've got to register! Then, you can sign in and vote AS MUCH AS YOU WANT — yes, furiously click on your favorite stars.

How long can I furiously click until?

August 9th. Get crackin' if you wanna be influential.

Can I time travel to 2002 and be a teen again?

If you REALLY want to, by all means, try it, but I don't think it's humanly possible. But do you really want to re-live your years with braces? I mean, what I'd give to go back to the glory days of *NSYNC, but spare me my first period. I'm OK with adulthood. This one's for the teens. Respect!

Image: Tumblr