Heidi Montag Gives Spencer Pratt a Birthday Crystal Because Yes, He Still Loves Them — PHOTO

When Spencer Pratt received a degree from USC in May, I hesitantly applauded him while openly pondering whether he was sincerely yearning for a sense of normalcy after his grating antics on The Hills, or if this was all a choreographed attempt to keep himself in the spotlight. Although it's still unclear if he's fully recovered from his extended douchebag stage, one thing he hasn't left in the past is his strange love affair with healing crystals. Yes, you guys, Spencer still loves his crystals. Apparently it wasn't just a plotline to make him look even more like a madman on the brink of insanity, because his wife Heidi Montag gave him another crystal as an early 31st birthday present.According to MTV, the pink-hued kunzite crystal is said to "bestow inner peace," help to alleviate stress and ease exam anxiety as well, which is even more reason why this was the perfect gift for Pratt, particularly if he intends to leave his trouble-making ways behind. If Montag wants her husband to maintain a zen-filled life, she might want to consider buying these crystals in bulk. Heck, if they can tame Pratt's troubled aura, I'll even be in the market for a few. Maybe Montag can hook up with Willow and Jaden Smith, who are apparently so smitten with these crystals that they've made some of their own.

Hmm, is that a feeling of warmth and peace I feel emanating from this photo of Pratt's birthday crystal?

Judging by the way Pratt is connecting with this crystal, maybe you have to be there to feel it....

Stay strong, Spencer.

Images: SpencerPratt/Instagram; femalevillia n/Tumblr