A Ryan Gosling Bathroom & 5 Other Unbelievably Epic Shrines For the Actor — PHOTOS

Ryan Gosling may possibly be leaving behind his acting career when he becomes a dad but he'll always be in our hearts. And for one California restaurant, Ryan Gosling will always be in their bathroom. That's right, Bang Bang, a sushi restaurant/dance club venue in San Diego, has wallpapered the ladies restroom with pictures of the actor. Take that, People magazine! He may not have ever been their sexiest man of the year, but does Adam Levine have a bathroom dedicated to him? I don't think so.

No word on if the men's restroom has a similar decor, but for now, the women's restroom is quite the popular venue for snapping selfies. The floor-to-ceiling posters are covered in their fare share of lipstick from diner's smooches. See what you do to people, Gosling? You make them kiss public bathroom walls!

But Bang Bang's bathroom is not the only shrine out there dedicated to the attractive actor. It turns out compiling pictures of Gosling's face is actually a pretty popular pastime. Here are six Ryan Gosling shrines that are just as amazing as they are overwhelming. First, here's the bathroom in question in case you were looking for any redecorating ideas.

And move over Jim Halpert, this is the new best office prank.

Why have a Christmas tree when you can gather the family around a bunch of Ryan Gosling pictures instead?

Ryan Gosling: the ultimate workplace motivator.

Except how do you plan on getting any work done?

And here's a wearable shrine in the form of Ryan Gosling leggings, so you can have him with you all the time.

Here's hoping someone wears those pants to the Bang Bang bathroom for the ultimate Gosling experience.

Images: Crazycow7, kcmackendrick/Instagram; le-gifsforyou/Tumblr